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Sample Letter:

Vote AGAINST the FairTax Act


The Honorable [First and Last Name of Congressman or Senator]
United States [House of Representatives or Senate]
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear [Congressman or Senator Last Name]:

The FairTax Act, a bill sponsored by John Linder (R-GA) is a fraud. Although advertised as a bill that would simplify the tax code, the
FairTax Act is anything but. Please vote NO.

The FairTax Act would:

  • Shift the tax burden to the middle class.

  • Give the super-rich tax-free gifts that they did not work for and did not earn.

  • Cancel the home mortgage interest deduction for the middle class.

  • Heavily tax health care, new homes, and food.

  • Make every day Tax Day in America

I urge you to heed the vast majority of voters who will surely support you if you vote against the FairTax bill.

As a constituent, I would like to know where you stand on the FairTax.


Your Constituent
[City, State, Zip]
[Phone Number]

Support the NO-TAX Plan           

How about a plan where everything you earn is tax free - period. No income taxes, no sales taxes, no business taxes, no fees or tariffs. As long as you earned the money by using your muscles or your brain you get to keep 100 percent, and your can do or buy anything you want with it without taxes. Get your entire paycheck, spend or save without any taxes, fees, tariffs, or anything that would increase the price of good or services. Absolutely no business taxes as long as all your employees work in America.

That's not the half of it. There will be so much money coming into the treasury that every American can have 100 percent free health care, free prescription drugs, free surgeries, free dental and free optical, and even free plastic surgery! You can have free education, free college, free classes, free certifications. There will be enough money in the first year to pay off the national debt, fund the military at current levels, fix all the roads and bridges, and help every poor person to get off welfare.

While the No-Tax Plan is not yet a bill in congress we need to find a sponsor for it so we can make it one. We don't have deep pockets but we do have one thing the other guy doesn't - lots of middle class and poor people who vote! Of all the things in America that are unfair or discriminatory, there is one great equalizer: the ability to vote. No matter how much money or how many advertisements the other side can buy, we still outnumber them.

What can I do?

You can tell your elected officials and party members that you do not support the FairTax plan. You can tell everyone you know about the No-Tax Plan. You can join online forums and blogs and express your dissatisfaction with the money-grubbing FairTax Plan. You can call that idiot Neil Boortz himself and give him an earful. Most of all you can help by voting for people who are against the FairTax plan.